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Teacher training and development workshops in South Africa

Teacher training and development

Teacher training and development: Introduction

Teacher training and development is not something that happens at the start of your career only.  It is an ongoing process, especially in our modern-day world.

Being a teacher is not easy.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and even so, it can sometimes be a thankless job.  Teachers face a lot of challenges in their daily work, and even pre-primary and primary school teachers face difficulties dealing with discipline, and abnormal behaviour in class.

With more than 18 years of pre-primary, primary and secondary school teaching experience, a few years of being a school principal, coupled with a number of years experience as educational psychologist in a private practice, I can offer some practical advice on how to tackle these challenges.

Teacher training and development: Short courses and talks

I present short courses, ranging from 3 hour talks to full day training on a variety of topics related to teacher training and development.  The aim of these teacher training and development courses is to give practical advice, supported by theoretical educational psychology principles, on a number of issues facing today’s teachers.  These teacher training and development courses will equip teachers, whether young or old, experienced or not, to face up to the challenges facing teachers every day, especially in South Africa.

Teacher training and development: Topics

Some of the topics of my teacher training and development courses have looked at:

  • assertive discipline;
  • the teacher as partner in the child’s development;
  • why is the star child in my class acting strange?
  • how my parenting style can influence my teaching;
  • how to gain control in my class;
  • how to effectively control my class;
  • how to effectively lead my class;
  • how to add humour;
  • how to enjoy my job as teacher.

Teacher training and development: What else

The teacher training and development topics listed above are not exhaustive, but merely an example of some of the topics that can be covered.  For example, read more about the bullying workshops for teachers and parents that are also available.

Please feel free to leave any comments you have on teacher training and development in South Africa in the space provided below.

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