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I recommend the following educational psychology books

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As an educational psychologist, I do a lot of reading, and sometimes I stumble upon a great book or article.

This is the place where I want to share these books with you.  You will find a link to Amazon.com where you can safely shop for these products online.  Happy reading!

The whole-brain child

When I feel angry

I just don’t like the sound of NO

No-drama discipline

GPS tracker watch

Just the way I am

Talking to kids about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Talking to kids about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing widespread panic and anxiety throughout …

Are you a blamer? Dr. Marisa van Niekerk Educational Psychologist shares some info on blaming

Are you a blamer? Let’s talk about blaming

Are you a blamer? What is blaming, and why do we do it? Are you a blamer? Blaming is basically the process whereby our brains …

Mental toughness, Pretoria, Centurion, Midstream

Your Ego, your personality manager

Your ego: an introduction Ego?!   Yes, we know about ego’s.  Usually men’s ego’s! In a previous post I’ve …