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bullying workshops for teachers

Bullying workshops for teachers in South Africa

Bullying workshops for teachers

Are you a school principal dealing with bullying or other behaviour problems / issues at your school.  Maybe you are part of the school governing body at your child’s school, and have heard about the problems with bullying facing our schools. Read on to see how educating end empowering the teacher’s at your school can help to solve this issue, through practical on-site bullying workshops for teachers in South Africa.

Bullying workshops for teachers: Introduction

Bullying is one of the major educational problems experienced in South African schools. In an article about bullying in South African schools (November 2013), news24 reported on a survey done by the company Pondering Panda, where a company spokesperson was quoted as follows: “Not only is bullying once more front and centre as the biggest problem facing our schools, even more people are identifying it as a problem now than a year ago”. According to this survey, 36% of respondents described bullying as one of the biggest problems at school, compared with 28% a year ago.

Bullying workshops for teachers: Research findings

In 2011/2012, the Bureau of Market Research affiliated to the College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) at UNISA did extensive research in South African schools on a number of topics, which also included bullying.

Aggression in children, Psychologist Midstream, Centurion, Pretoria
Schedule a “bullying workshops for teachers” to help STOP bullying in our schools

More than 3 300 learners in grade 8 to grade 12 took part in the study.

The results of this research survey can be summarised as follows:

  • More than 34% of learners experienced some form of bullying in the past 2 years;
  • Of those that were bullied, 60% were bullied by another young person;
  • More than 60% of those bullied, were bullied at school;
  • 32% of those bullied were bullied at school, and during class;
  • Emotional bullying (name calling etc.) is still the most common form of bullying experienced, with physical bullying being the second most common form of bullying (22%).

Even though the study mentioned above was done in secondary schools, bullying is NOT limited to these schools only.  Bullying is also prevalent in pre-primary and primary schools in South Africa.  So, whether you are a Maths teacher in secondary school, or a teacher for three year olds, you might be affected by bullying!

Bullying workshops for teachers: What it means for schools

One troubling statistic from the above is the fact that such a large portion of the bullying occur during class time, at our schools. This means that bullying happens, even in the presence of teachers or educators.

If you combine this fact with another common problem at our schools, general discipline problems experienced in class, the problem seems even bigger and more difficult to solve.

bullying workshops for teachers in South Africa
Schedule a “bullying workshops for teachers” to help STOP bullying in our schools

Bullying workshops for teachers: Implication for teachers

Dealing with a bully can be difficult. Dealing with a bully while dealing with 35 other children in a classroom setting can be even more difficult.

Teachers in our South African schools should be given the tools to equip them in dealing with bullies and bullying. They must be informed how bullies think, why learners revert to bullying, what they are actually trying to say when bullying others.

By combining this understanding in the behaviour of bullies with practical strategies on how to deal with bullies, that teachers will be in a better position to effectively deal with bullies.

Bullying workshops for teachers: How can I help

As an educational psychologist in private practice, I have dealt with many cases of bullying, from the victim and bully’s perspective. I have spent many hours in therapy with these young people, and gained a lot of insight into their thinking. These behaviours also align perfectly with the psychological theory behind bullying.

I also have 18 years’ experience as school teacher and school principal, and had to deal with these behaviours in that circumstances as well.

Bullying workshops for teachers: Equip your teachers

I conduct bullying workshops at schools, or in school communities, where the focus of the workshop is to:

  • educate teachers about the psychological reasoning behind bullying;
  • help teachers understand why bullies behave the way they do;
  • how to recognise when someone is being bullied;
  • how to react to a bully in class;
  • how to assist the victim of bullying in class;
  • how to effectively manage classroom discipline;
  • how to discuss bullying with parents;
  • where to get more help.

These bullying workshops for teachers are very practical, I explain exactly what to do, and what to say to a bully in certain settings. The aim is to equip the teacher to take action as soon as the workshop is over.

These workshops can be done at pre-primary, primary and secondary schools.  These bullying workshops for teachers can be done on-site, that means at your school, and can even be done on a Saturday morning.

Please contact me to find out how we can tackle this ever growing problem in our South African schools.

bullying workshops for teachers
Schedule a “bullying workshops for teachers” to help STOP bullying in our schools
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