Child focused therapy

Child focused therapy

Below I will try to answer some frequently asked questions about child focused therapy as done by an educational psychologist.

What is child focused therapy?

Child focused therapy is the emotional support of children who have difficulty dealing with trauma e.g. death, divorce, change in family setting or structure, hi-jacking, robbery / housebreaking or have a negative self-image (or have a lack in self-confidence). It can also be used with victims of bullying.

How is child focused therapy done?

A number of theories and therapies support models exist that could be employed. The psychologist will use a number of these in combination depending on the situation, the age and personality of the person involved and the desired outcomes. Therapy might include play therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy or any of the other scientifically researched therapies.

How many sessions of therapy will be needed?

This depends on the problem and progress of the client, but usually range from 4 - 12 sessions. Initially weekly sessions are required, but later on the time between sessions might increase.

Child focused therapy


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