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Survival tips for mothers

Survival tips for mothers (and fathers)

Survival tips for mothers: Introduction

Too many moms tell me on a daily basis “I’m trying to keep everybody in my family’s "balls" in the air, but I am falling apart myself”.  That is often so true, mothers usually put themselves last in the line and most of the time they aren’t even in the line!  This can be an overwhelming feeling, and a cause for anxiety and even depression.  How about some survival tips for mothers to help you to not only cope, but thrive!

Survival tips for mothers: The problem?

So what can you do? What can you change if you hardly have time to go to the bathroom (not even alone – many times with a clinging child who sits in front of the door waiting for you)?  Mom’s feel guilty…. almost permanently….

Therefore when there’s a few minutes somewhere, sometime, they also tend to do something for somebody else.

Survival tips for mothers
Survival tips for mothers (and fathers)

Survival tips for mothers: STOP

So just STOP and forget the guilt feelings (even if only for a few minutes)! Do some of the following three times EVERY DAY (for the rest of your life), and see what happens!

Survival tips for mothers: Do this now!

  • Read one article in your favorite magazine.
  • Make yourself a cup of coffee/ tea and just sit (do nothing – don’t even think – become just blank for a few minutes).
  • Breathe (deeply in as if you are climbing stairs) and then out again (down with the stairs again) for (5 minutes).
  • Watch one of your favorite tv programmes.
  • Walk around the block (all by yourself). (Demand the time: leave the kids with your partner or nanny for 20 minutes).
  • Read something spiritual.
  • Forget about your phone.
  • Listen to your favorite “happy song” and sing and dance along.
  • Add something which you need to the list.
Survival tips for mothers
Survival tips for mothers: Do something for yourself!

Survival tips for mothers: Enjoy it!

If you do above mentioned three times a day (OK, maybe walk around the block just once), it’s guaranteed that the rest of your day (and life) will be far better than yesterday and the day before. Stand up and take back control of your life and ENJOY IT!  You deserve it!

Survival tips for mothers: Last words

Of course, the above mentioned tips also works for fathers.


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