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Mental tough people

Want to be mental tough?

Who doesn’t want to be tough? That person still needs to be born as we all want to have self confidence, belief in ourselves. Most of us want to be in control of ourselves and our feelings, we strive to be able to handle normal every day life challenges and we are all fighting a battle to stay with our good commitments, like eating more healthy, exercising more regularly, spending more time with our loved ones, etcetera. The above mentioned examples include the four components (known as the four C’s) of mental toughness, which are challenge, confidence, control and commitment.

What do mental tough people have that others don’t have?

  • They are willing to take action and not just wish that they had more emotional toughness. So, they get actively involved in the commitment to make their dreams come true.
  • Mental tough people belief in themselves. They focus on their best characteristics and work on their negative characteristics.
  • Mental tough people realise the importance to love and appreciate themselves. They know that you can’t reach out and love other people if you don’t like and love yourself. They know that they owe themselves to love themselves.
  • Mental tough people know how to be good to themselves. They know when to take a break in a hectic schedule, they know that they can’t function well if they don’t get a good nights rest and they exercise on a regular base.
  • They are more flexible than people who are not mental tough. A flexible person realizes that he is still able to make choices in the midst of adversity and difficult circumstances. Rigid people usually belief that they are trapped inside their adversity.
  • Mental tough people set goals for themselves. They realize that to keep on wishing and longing for what they want to achieve without setting any specific aims, will only remain dreams and wishful thinking.

During the next few weeks I will expand on above mentioned skills and characteristics of mental tough people. Watch this space, while you start to take action on your own mental tough journey.

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Mental toughness, Pretoria, Centurion, Midstream

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