About me

A little something about Dr. Marisa van Niekerk.

Here are some basic information about me:

About me: History

Dr Marisa van Niekerk, Educational Psychologist, Centurion

Working with children has always been my passion, first during my 18 years working as a teacher and school principal, and later on as an educational psychologist, where I have now been in private practice for 6 years in the Midstream area.

I have recently worked at Eldoraigne High School in Centurion, as well as St. Mary's DSG in Pretoria, but I have been in private practice since 2014.

My HPCSA registration number is PS 0122432, and my Practice number is 0523240.  I am also a registered member of the PsySSA.

About me: Qualifications:

DEd Psychology of Education (UNISA)
MEd School Guidance and Counselling (UNISA) cum laude
Hons BEd (School Guidance and Counselling) supplement (UNISA)
Hons BEd (Early Childhood Development) (UNISA) cum laude
Higher Education Diploma (Junior Primary) cum laude
Higher Education Diploma (Pre Primary)

About me: Philosophy

I have always believed that "the impossible is possible, it just takes a little longer" and my passion is to make this a reality in other people's lives.

About me: my clients

Although most of my clients are from the Pretoria area, most specifically Midstream, Southdowns, Centurion and the Irene area, I also have clients from the broader Pretoria East and North areas, as well as from Midrand.  Then again, people have also come to see me from as far away as Bethal, Secunda and Piet Retief, as well as from international countries like Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Mauritius.

You can find more information about me on my public LinkedIn page, or find me on Facebook.

Mental toughness, Pretoria, Centurion, Midstream

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