Psychology practice fees: Dr. Marisa van Niekerk

Important information about fees payable at Dr. Marisa van Niekerk

Psychology Practice Fees: Introduction

Please take note of the following important psychology practice fees applicable in my private practice.  This information is also clearly stated in paragraph 7 of my client information form, which the client must complete and sign before therapy (or any service) will begin.

Psychology Practice Fees: Cash practice

My psychology practice is run on a “cash practice” basis.

Psychology Practice Fees: What is the meaning of “cash practice”.

This means that clients must pay me directly after each consultation.  The payment does not happen at the practice itself (in real cash), but I will send you an invoice for the consultation, in most instances on the same day as the consultation.  Clients must then do an EFT transfer of the invoice amount into my bank account.  This payment should be made no later than 1 day after the consultation session.

You as the client is then free to send the paid invoice to your medical aid, and depending on your medical aid, and the plan that you are on, the medical aid might then refund you for the services rendered by me.  Important, please don’t send the unpaid invoice to your medical aid, and do not request them to pay me directly.

If you are unsure about how the payment of psychology practice fees works, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this before your first appointment.

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