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Trauma counselling Pretoria, Centurion, Midstream

Trauma counselling: Centurion Pretoria

Trauma counselling: Introduction

Is trauma counselling relevant in the 21st century, or in South Africa?  It is a shocking reality that trauma such as divorce, death, abuse, suicide, natural disasters, hi-jacking and housebreaking is part of our everyday lives.

Trauma counselling: how to recognise trauma

How do I know whether my child or member of my family is traumatised?

Trauma causes stress. The human body deals with stress in the same way it deals with illness. Stress can for example cause a dry mouth, sweating or a rise in blood pressure and heart rate.

Trauma counselling: trauma and stress

Stress can also influence a person’s behaviour and can cause:
– aggression
– sleeping problems
– change in eating habits
– social withdrawal (etc.)

Things that are stressful and traumatic for one person might not be traumatic for another person. It might therefore be difficult for parents to know whether their children or family members are experiencing stress or not.

Trauma counselling: signs of stress

A few signs that can indicate that your child or family member is experiencing stress, or is traumatised are:
– mood swings
– anger outbursts
– nightmares
– difficulties in concentrating
– fatigue
– social withdrawal
– anxiety
– staying away from school / work
– sensation seeking behaviour
– stomach aches
– headaches
– restlessness.

Trauma counselling: what to do

One of the easiest solutions of dealing with trauma is to seek support. There is a lot of support around you and your family, though in tough times it is sometimes difficult to believe it, but VERY IMPORTANT, SEEK SUPPORT RATHER THAN TRY TO CARRY THE HEAVY LOAD OF STRESS all alone.

It’s never a shame to seek help, but it is indeed a sign of bravery!  Give trauma counselling a go, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

To make an appointment for trauma counselling, phone me at 074 041 0081, and see this page for directions to my private practice.

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