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Discipline problems educational psychologist Midstream Centurion Pretoria

Discipline problems

Discipline problems: What if my child doesn’t like the sound of “NO”?

In her book about discipline problems “I just don’t like the sound of NO!” Julia Cook tells the story of a boy who tries his best to convince his dad, mom and teacher to change “NO” into “Yes” or at least into “Maybe” or “Later” or “I will think about it”.

Discipline problems: What to do

Cook gives the following tips for parents and educators when dealing with discipline problems:
1. If your child doesn’t take “NO” for an answer, and you as parent give in, you are rewarding him and he will learn that “NO” doesn’t mean “NO”…but it means “Keep Trying!”
2. It is important to always praise your child verbally whenever he accepts “NO” for an answer or when he disagrees appropriately. Important: The praising should be genuine.
3. When your child appropriately disagrees with you, reward his behaviour by actively listening to him.
4. When you give your child a reason for saying “NO” be to the point. A long explanation won’t be appropriate and won’t have results.
5. Parents can always explain their reasons at a more appropriate time when their child is calm.
6. Set clear rules and boundaries for children as well as reasonable consequences when they are violated. Important: Follow through with the set consequences.

Discipline problems: The key

CONSISTENCY therefore will be the keyword to you as a parent when dealing with discipline problems. The results that you will “reap” in being consistent will make the effort more than worth it. So, just go for it. You can do it!

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